Meet the Veggie Villager!

Hey, I’m Jill – Your Veggie Villager!

My journey of adapting a plant-based diet started when I was eight years old and decided that I loved animals and the earth, but wasn’t too concerned with my health. I was a vegetarian addicted to mac n’ cheese, peanut m&ms, Arizona iced tea and didn’t really embrace the whole salad-eating thing.

Throughout the years, I become a hardcore veggie lover and have found my love of living a healthy, active lifestyle through yoga, earthing, rock climbing, jumping rope, meditating and rebounding. Through my own research with podcasts, cook books, and online blogs, I have learned how to change my lifestyle and connect with my local community to thrive in my health.

I have had my share of health problems, including orthorexia, hormone imbalances, IBS symptoms, acne, fatigue, and headaches and have truly learned that finding a balance in all aspects of my life has truly helped to heal my body. Dealing with my stress and anxiety through having social connections, a healthy diet, exercising and going my yoga flow daily, meditating, and having a strong spiritual practice has healed my body, mind and spirit from the inside out!

I loved the healing effects of yoga, sound and meditation so much that I became a Yoga Teacher with the Kula Collective. I have a Bachelors in Human Kinetics {Movement Science}, with a minor in psychology as well as am a certified Personal Trainer.  I also play the harp for a little creative outlet and to put smiles on happy couples’ faces down the aisle and my fellow yogis in yin classes ;)!

I hope to inspire you through my own creations and my passion for living a healthy and happy life! My mission is to create an online community of conscious and like-minded wellness warriors that are passionate about their mind, body and soul connection! I also want to inform and educate about the different resources, places and tools we have locally and globally to let our health thrive!

Now I’m travelling the world teaching yoga, learning from different cultures and communities, and working for Kula as their Creative Director!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and connect with me on Facebook!  You can also email me at I’d love to chat!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager! xx

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