Hey my beautiful humans!

It makes me sad to think that we have been brainwashed to believe that there is only one idea of beauty. We approve of that symmetrical and flawless face plastered with makeup: foundation to cover any imperfections, highlighter for the cheeks, rainbows of eye shadow to emphasize those plump eyelashes and some gloss for shiny luscious lips.

Only to be accompanied by hair that has been bleached, fried, and styled to keep up with the latest hair trends. And let’s not forget that slender yet fit body, with toned arms and legs and a perfect 0.7 waist to hip ratio.

And that’s just for women.

But is this really the definition of beauty?

And what about those ‘imperfections’ – acne, wrinkles, dark spots, light spots, rashes … why should we be embarrassed? Why do we need to cover them up in order to be acceptable, or even, normal?


I want to challenge the status quo.

I want to redefine what beauty means.

So here’s how to DEFINE BEAUTY …


Beauty is being unique.

Beauty is being yourself.

Beauty is not being defined by a number.

Beauty is being in your rawest and purest form.

Beauty is being authentic and real.

Beauty is being comfortable with yourself.

Beauty is being confident in all that you are.


Beauty is in your smile.

Beauty is in your eyes.

Beauty is in your curves.

Beauty is in your muscles.

Beauty is in your chaotic mind.

Beauty is in your words.

Beauty is in your actions.


Beauty is from within. We should embrace all the beautiful qualities about ourselves – our personalities, our passions, and our purpose.

Beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. There is something beautiful in being your raw self. It is about showing others you, not the mask you put on to go out into the world. Present yourself just as you are.

Beauty is letting your light shine.


Beauty is being fearless in exposing all your hopes and dreams to the world, and not worrying about what others think about your lifestyle, your hairstyle or living freestyle.

So let beauty be reflected in your interactions with the world.


The most beautiful people are the ones that create beauty around them, simply from their presence, their thoughtful actions, their kind words, and their gratitude towards others.

So don’t let different definitions of beauty touch your self-esteem.

Don’t compare.

Respect yourself and all your ‘imperfections’.

Because each of us are unique, and built in specific ways to fulfill our different purposes, our different passions, our different roles in this world.

And that alone is … beautiful.

Beauty comes in all colours and in all forms.


So yes, you are beautiful.

Even with that scar.

Even with those curves.

Even with that ‘big’ nose.


This is my best beauty advice.

Let this be an affirmation to remind your self:

My body is beautiful.

My mind is beautiful.

My soul is beautiful.



Peace & Love,

Jill – your beautiful veggie villager xx

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P.s. here’s a slam poem for a little more inspiration that redefines what beauty means entitled ‘Pretty’.






  1. Real beauty creates happy people, fake people creates unhappy people – this is my take on your article and I agree.

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