Hey veggies!

I am so excited to finally be able to say that The Veggie Villager is official!! I have worked so hard on my content and I love seeing such great support and positive feedback!!

As I have been able to work through my health journey and share my knowledge, I have been able to have a creative outlet to let my gift of writing shine! I believe it is so important to find out what you are good at, and embrace it!!

I also decided to take a chance and put in a proposal for an article in one of my favourite magazines, Chickpea, a vegan magazine based in Brooklyn, NY. It was scary yet exhilarating to be vulnerable and opened about my health journey and share some of my own insight on how to get outside and stay active and healthy. Check out the article here!!

hidden talent, chickpea magazine

With my mom’s own self-doubt in her writing abilities in my mind, I started on her birthday gift while she was on vacation. I began by unburying two huge boxes of loose poems in her closet – secret typewritten and handwritten masterpieces! Her own disorganization has kept her beautifully broken thoughts from the world and I wanted to FINALLY showcase them!

I colour coded, categorized and edited until I created a book called The Body. Each chapter includes a different part of the body she was writing about. I am so proud of the book itself, the time and effort I took thinking about someone I love, and the tears of happiness streaming from her eyes when she opened it.

That moment was more than enough confirmation that she realized how valuable and beautiful her gift is and how much I appreciate and respect her!! Even though the daycare kids can’t appreciate her writing, I can and hopefully others will too (when we publish it one day!! ;))

hidden talent, poetry book

I would love to share my own thoughts about how to take your hidden talents to the next level. Here are a few tips on how to unleash your potential and become an expert in something you love to do!

  1. Listen to others. Be aware of the compliments and encouragement others give you. If they are telling you that you are really good at something that may be a hobby or talent you don’t share with many people, maybe it is time! Go public, be vulnerable and thank those around you for recognizing your value!
hidden talent, dinner
Talk over a delicious dinner.

2. Take time to build your talent. With school, work, and volunteering I have very limited time to think about blogging. But when I am inspired, I definitely MAKE TIME to spill my guts! Don’t be afraid to take some valuable YOU time doing something you enjoy – practice makes perfect (and an expert!)

hidden talent, reflection
Time to reflect and be inspired to write!

3. Be bold. Take a leap of faith and make a change in your life in order to pursue your hidden talents! Those talents may lead to a career change, which could be the key to balancing your mind, body and soul!!

My friend is trying to make a huge career shift from being a speech pathologist to pursuing her love of cooking and healing by creating bone broth for others. I have tried it and have seen a dramatic change in my skin, hair, nails and hormones! Support her choice to pursue her hidden talents by liking her Facebook page!!

hidden talent, bone broth

4. Be unique. How is your talent different from everyone else? What can you be the best in the world at? What other knowledge and experience do you have that others don’t? Embrace your journey to discovering you and finding what makes YOU special.


hidden talent, lone wolf
Lone Wolf
I am ahead of the pack. Not because I am in the lead.
because it is I
who is being chased.

5. Share. Talents aren’t meant to be hidden!! Share your talents with the world, and don’t be hesitant to value yourself and your time through being paid. Be generous but smart. Don’t under value yourself because you think it is just a hobby. You can turn your passion into a career if you respect your time and talents.

hidden talent, potluck

I am also starting to play the harp at weddings, my first being at the end of September. I am so excited to finally have the confidence to share my musical abilities with the world!!

hidden talent, harp

I encourage you to take your hobby to the next level by being confident, vulnerable and honest with yourself and others!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx




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