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I’ve recently been sharing about my meditation practice with a friend who is a Christian and was confused about how to meditate when it is primarily a Buddhist practice. When some hear about meditation and want to start practicing it, they are lost as to how to begin and how to customize their practice to their own lives and belief systems.


Today, the whole health movement has made meditation so easy with new apps and podcasts that can get you closer to your spirit and God. Meditation also has SO MANY amazing benefits not only mentally, but physically and spiritually! [Some awesome apps include Headspace, Presence, and Breathe can help you get started! Also podcasts provide great info – check out TUHP here!]


In my own life, I have started a morning routine that takes about 30 minutes without me ever getting out of bed! I begin with my Bible, notebook and God – allowing Him to speak through his Word to me and applying it throughout my day. I love my mini Message Bible and read one chapter a day, then reflect on that and journal my own thoughts, goals for the day and things I want to accomplish short and long term.

Next, I go through 5 minutes of stretching, and always do some type of inversion [a 30 second inversion can give you the same amount of energy as if you had 3 extra hours of sleep apparently ;)] I then sit up and go through some breathing exercises and pray, being aware of my mood, attitude and intention for my day.


In order to find what works for you, here are 5 things to focus on and incorporate into your practice. Remember it’s a practice that can be easier some days than others. Your practice can become a routine after consecutive days spent chilling out with yourself and God!

Keep in mind:

1. Breathe.

Focus on deep breathing, being aware of how your body feels. Get creative and try different techniques [I love breathe of fire!]. I absolutely love Gabrielle’s guide and book on how to begin your breathing practice. Apply your breathing techniques to your daily life, easing anxiety in highly stressful situations.


2. Be Present.

Ditch your phone when you wake up, taking time for yourself and for God. Don’t submit to others’ agendas and bombard your mind with too much information and stimulation. Truly listen to your body, mind and soul and know that God gave you this new and beautiful day to bring your untainted light to this world.

3. Pray.

Taking time to be still and listen to God and yourself can give you invaluable insight to God’s plans for your life. Be grateful for the day – writing down your blessings can be a great reminder.


4. Surrender.

Allow yourself to fully surrender to the moment and to God, with no expectations. Don’t judge or be hard on yourself, and try to create a space where you can flourish. Make sure those around you know you need your personal time in order for you to be the best version of you so you can love them even more.

5. Smile.

During your practice, remember to smile! Smiling can affect your mood and chemically change your brain, making you even more successful, productive, and loving throughout your day. Your focus can be on making others feel encouraged and welcomed by your Spirit through a simple smile.


6. Connect.

Your atmosphere definitely can change the way you meditate. Try forest bathing, walking meditation, laying down, sitting inside or outside – whatever connects you to a higher power that protects and guides you.


I challenge you to start your meditation journey this week and try new practices, seeing what works for you. Whether it be journaling, praying, breathing, stretching, do whatever puts you in the right mindset for the day and allows you to feel your best so you can be successful and ultimately, happy and at peace with yourself and others.

Take your practice to the next level and incorporate it throughout your day – being mindful when you are driving, exercising, cooking, eating and spending time with friends. You will feel more focused, free and ALIVE and marvel at the beauty in life.

Enjoy your summer and take time to breathe during the busy-ness!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx





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