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So how’s keeping your New Year’s resolutions going? The start of February is about that time that you have made healthier choices that have stuck, or are indulging in pizza after such a rough month of lifestyle change.

Changes to your schedule or routine, changes to your career, or changes to your unhealthy habits … they all can take a lot of discipline and motivation to stay focused in order to reach your idea of success.

Starting my day off right.

For me, I have always had a lot of discipline and have been a pretty productive person due to my Type A personality. But with trying to find balance in my life with friends, yoga, school, work (x3), research, harp and managing my blog, life has also taught me to schedule my time efficiently and effectively in order for me to feel my best (not have a mental breakdown at times) and to be able to show up wholeheartedly for others.

Having self-discipline begins with a choice – a choice to do better, to be better and to live in a better way. But where does such a drive come from?

It’s innate in you … and starts from having goals and dreams of contributing to a higher purpose.

Self-discipline is just a step in the process of helping you reach your greatest potential to be able to pour yourself into making the world a better place …. And I think that sounds pretty awesome.

productive, sunset

So how do we stay disciplined to achieve success and ultimately, our purpose?

Here are my ten tips for being more productive and gaining a little more self-discipline to be successful and achieve your goals! 

  1.  Get rid of distractions … aka social media scrolling.

Having a clear mind starts with being focused on the task at hand, and not being distracted by the lure of social media. It is best to create, not consume on social media and use it as a creative and fun outlet. Give yourself one time of the day that you can check your feeds, for approximately 5-10 minutes then move on to your next task.

  1. Reward yourself … after you are productive.

This adheres to the principles of operant conditioning, and is an effective way to get work done that maybe you are procrastinating on. Homework assignments, calling the insurance company, doing your taxes … tell yourself that after that project, that phone call, and crunching those numbers, you can reward yourself after a productive day with some self-care like getting a massage, writing in your journal, going outside for a walk, or taking a warm bath.

Game night with some kombucha and berries.
  1. Balance out your day.

Being productive can also mean feeling that you were successful in working on different areas of your life … what is your success criteria? If you spent time with a friend, made some calls, worked on a project, went to yoga, and found time to journal, you may feel more successful than if you only focused on one aspect of your life for the whole day. This can leave you with more energy and feeling less drained. To prevent procrastination, working on things in chunks can also be a productive strategy, as you take projects day by day rather than waiting last minute.

Take time to chill.
  1. Do what you feel like.

Fill your day with things that light you up yet are productive and healthful. If you love yoga, go to a class, or start your day off with meditation … figure out a routine and listen to your body and mind for what you should do next. If you have a to-do list, you don’t always have to go in order! You are in control of your day … make the most of it.

Always feel like yoga.
  1. Don’t stress or worry … it will all get done eventually.

Take one step at a time and enjoy each day …. And if you are worried about studying for an exam, or getting a project done in time … just do what you can each day. Spend chunks of productive time focused on your task, then take a break and know that it is better to produce your best work rather than spending hours to produce mediocre work. There is no need to worry … be patient with the process and enjoy where you are now.

  1. To do lists are a must.

Sometimes, in your head, everything can be a mess, and all you need is a pen and paper (or notes on your phone or computer, sticky notes on my mac are my fav … and colourful!) to help you organize your thoughts. To do lists help you to prepare for deadlines, upcoming exams and events, and help you to plan each day in order to be successful. An agenda is also my go-to in order to stay productive and organized with deadlines and dates.

Feeling like Stew sometimes when looking at my agenda too.
  1. Repetition sucks … but it works.

Consistency is key to mastering your art and developing a routine. Taking 20 minutes a day to do something everyday, can add up fast! They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert … a little discipline everyday can get you to achieve your goals … especially if you are repeating skills like learning a musical instrument or learning a language. The more repetition, the faster you will learn and the closer to a master you will be!


  1. Mindfulness helps … a lot.

Being mindful and aware of your surroundings, how you are feeling and your thoughts can help give you clarity on how you should be spending your day. You can enter into a flow state when you are present, and being productive becomes pretty effortless when you are doing something you love and are fully immersed in it.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race … know your limits.

Take everything one step at a time and know when you need to stop working and play. Don’t stay up all night when you know you will suffer in the AM. Start first thing the next day, and take care of your health first. Know your limits and listen to your body, mind and spirit.

  1. Teamwork and accountability.

If you need a little motivation to get started, have an accountability partner that can help move you forward and help you create the best daily habits for success. Social support is always helpful when meeting deadlines, bouncing off ideas, and getting questions answered.

So I challenge you to start a new project, make a routine, write down your list and start getting productive! How do you balance healthful behaviours and productivity? How are you using your self-discipline and harnessing it into your purpose for your life? Share your productive habits and tips below, I would love to hear all about it!

Me in drawing form.

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx




  1. I love this post! Being productive is so important and I am obsessed with “to-do” lists. I always have a planner and list for every day. I feel so un-productive when I don’t accomplish the things on my list during the day. I even write down my exercise!

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Yes planners are the best way to stay organized and achieve little steps towards your goal on the daily! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. The repetition and to do lists have become imperative to me. It definitely keeps me on track !

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Yes for sure! To do lists keep me sane in times of stress and chaos!! 🙂

  3. Great Post. I especially love the point your make about repetition. I think that is the most important ingredient. Being consistent and patient.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thank you! Yes … to be an expert it has to feel like breathing … and repetition is key! 🙂

  4. “Do what you feel like.” I believe in that so much! It actually then makes me more motivated to do the other things that I have to do.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      I totally agree. Listening to your body, mind and soul is usually your best bet. 🙂

  5. These are really great points to remember. Know your limits is a must to achieved more productivity.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Yes … always remember to take rest when needed! 🙂

  6. First of all you are an amazing artist. I love your self portrait. Second what you are saying is exactly what I was writing in notes for my podcast. Sometimes it takes more time to realize your own habits that keep you from living your best life and reaching those goals. I agree we have to learn to reward ourselves when we have actually done something. We sometimes wanna reward for the planning. Get to working. Lasting rewards come with accomplishment not intention.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thank you that means so much!! I would love to hear your podcast! I totally agree … intentions won’t create change … only action can do that! Xx

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