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Today I wanted to touch on the topic of how I have grown to understand how to connect my mind, body and soul.

It all started with my diet.

I went from having my go-to foods being Peanut M&Ms, Arizona green tea, and Kraft Dinner to having a balanced lifestyle filled with superfood smoothies, fresh salads and fruits and veggie stir fries.

This shift first came with my mind – I was not aware of how my food choices were affecting me. I would get spells of depression, feel lethargic, have frequent headaches and stomachaches, and have heavy PMS symptoms.

The processed foods that I would munch on were filled with additives and artificial colours that I couldn’t pronounce, and my body couldn’t comprehend. I realized that when I started eating whole foods I could start listening to my body – as I stopped sending it mixed messages. I experienced mental clarity, energy, and found my passion to cook and learn more about the health world.

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Of course with putting CLEAN and GOOD FUEL into my body comes with an abundant amount of energy – so naturally you want to exercise! It kills me to see people who don’t make a connection between what they put into their mouths and exercise. People will work out for hours to compensate for the huge unhealthy meal they had the night before – this is NOT how it works.

Exercise is NOT compensation but a way to further boost your health – both through your body’s abilities and your mind – sending good vibes to those around you and yourself as you improve your own body image and gain more respect for what your body can DO and not what it LOOKS like.

And exercise can also clear your mind, no matter what vehicle you use – yoga, rebounding, running or boxing. Exercise might even be your moving meditation. I’ve just recently started a {seated} meditation practice through different breathing exercises, clearing the mind of thoughts, and simply setting intentions for my day. I breathe in what I need that day like patience, and breathe out what I feel I can give to the world like a peaceful soul. I was inspired by the book The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, which gave me a better understanding of our cluttered minds and how to live in an enlightened state of being.

So, here’s how to clear your MIND and BODY (we will get to the soul):

  1. Eliminate processed foods. 

Anything that has ingredients that you can’t pronounce will confuse you and your body. These include modified ingredients, colours, and added oils that have been processed and genetically modified. The biggest culprit of confusion is SUGAR in MANY different hidden forms.

It doesn’t mean healthy has to taste bad.

2. Eliminate medications.

I’m talking the Advil, Motrin, anything antibiotics prescribed by a doctor – start going to the FARMACY not the pharmacy – as your first line of defence for your minor health issues. You will start to see your issues disappear with the help from your NEW doctor – Mother Nature.

3. Eliminate mental barriers. 

Fill your house with WHOLE foods – and don’t be scared to try something new. It will be the best thing you will do for your health as you finally feel ALIVE and live a healthy LIFESTYLE. Mindfulness is a PRACTICE, and a PROCESS, so be kind to yourself. And remember, you will never need to go on a diet again when you are plant-based and intentional about what you are feeding your body.


3. Eliminate excuses.

Use your resources around you like local health food stores and grocery stores for healthy options and cookbooks to get you started. Food can be simple, fun and delicious! Your tastebuds will change and you will crave healthy foods, because you are what you crave! These are signals tell your body that you need these nutrients, so always LISTEN, even when you need a dose of chocolate (you could be lacking magnesium!). Be connected and rooted in your body.

4. Eliminate shoes. 

This one might be weird but I’ve recently came to love wearing no shoes and grounding myself everyday. Get some sun, walk barefoot outside and use the Earth’s energy to feed your soul, clearing your mind of distractions and barriers. It is the MOST beneficial when getting off a plane and helps to prevent jet lag.


Anndddd Here’s how to FEED your SOUL: 

  1. Take time to reflect.

    Buy a pretty journal and start writing – Even writing for five minutes everyday things like what you are grateful for, new business ideas, the starting of a poem or song – whatever lets your creativity OUT and positive energy IN.


  1. Take time to meditate. 

    Even just focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes a day, or being fully present when driving (meditation to reduce stress of the person who just cut you off…) or biking is the first step in the right direction. There are different meditation techniques and many proper meditation techniques, however, focusing on your breath can quiet the mind and bring you into the present. (Check out Joy on Demand for more easy and effective meditation practices!). Also, check out my latest post on how to meditate as a Christian!


  1. Take time to talk. 

    Be FULLY present and set up time to sit with friends and listen and love on them. Talking can release your frustrations from the day and give you an enlightened soul spent with loved ones.

  2. Take time to think of others. 

    Volunteer somewhere you feel strongly about, or give away your possessions – don’t connect your soul with material possessions. You are not defined by the size of your house or your stuffed closet. GENEROSITY feeds the soul.

  3. Take time to sleep. 

    You can be FULLY present with a good nights sleep. Shawn Stevenson is an expert on all things sleep – have your magnesium before bed, turn off your technology, read and interact with family – its about the QUALITY of sleep not the QUANTITY.

I really hope these mind, body and soul tips can give you a sense of how to provide healing love to yourself. Please leave comments or questions about your own health journey and I will be happy to answer from my experience and knowledge.


Go from relying on medication, bagged foods and frozen dinners to finding true peace with your body, your mind and your soul through meditation, exercise and whole foods – a holistic LIFESTYLE that embodies your true essence!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx


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