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I know it has been a while since I’ve posted … it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have recently been certified as a personal trainer and been hard at work studying for midterms … and with work and school … a girl needs a night with a good movie, a blanket, friends and some popcorn!

I know everyone has a favourite junk food – whether you are a fan of the salty or the sweet (or both like me)!! But with processed foods, comes added preservatives, sugar, flours and other unhealthy ingredients that instead of satisfying your taste buds, leave you wanting more!

Here are FIVE of my favourite homemade healthy junk food hacks that help me to get through some stressful and busy seasons:

1. Popcorn

  • When going to the movies or watching one at home, nothing pairs better than some popcorn! But what you get at the movies can be less than desired for your body – filled with saturated oils, butter and GMOs – not to mention in HUGE bags that you eat mindlessly.
  • My favourite thing to do is to use our air popper at home! They are pretty cheap – we  pop some organic popcorn kernels, drizzle some melted coconut oil – then go savoury or sweet! Try some nutritional yeast, garlic, pepper and Himalayan sea salt or some cinnamon, cacao and sea salt!

junk food

2. Pasta

  • Pasta has always been a staple in my life – except it used to be Kraft Dinner. Eating half a pot of powdered cheese and white noodles left little nutrients and healthy habits to be desired! My new favourite addiction? Bean and pea noodles!!
  • There are many varieties of noodles made from beans – but these ones are made from peas and kale – YES KALE!! They taste amazing and adding some organic tomato sauce with veggies is the perfect filling dinner! If you are craving some Italian inspired dishes like me- definitely try these noodles!! (You can get them at Healthy Mama!)
  • Also, zoodles are my favourite raw version of pasta, with a quick nut pesto, it makes for the most satisfying and fresh lunch or dinner!

junk food

junk food

3. Hot Chocolate and Lattes

  • Another place I used to be obsessed with: Starbucks. Their hot lattes were so good, yet SO BAD. They are filled with artificial flavours, sugar and milk swimming with hormones and antibiotics that cause inflammation in your body and lead to long-term health issues. I still crave that hot chocolatey drink especially in the morning or before bed!
  • I have started making golden milk a part of my daily routine, the health benefits are ridiculous. There is also an elixir or latte similar to hot chocolate that you can make that is filled with magnesium to put you right to sleep! Take some coconut, hemp, or almond milk, heat in a pan with tablespoon of cacao, dash of cinnamon, a little vanilla, and sweetener of your choice … I use stevia. Sit down with a good book and a homemade muffin and you will be golden ;)!
  • (Golden milk recipe here – I use hemp or coconut milk, the turmeric-pepper paste, cacao, cinnamon and vanilla … adding oil at the end makes it so delicious, Udo’s or coconut are good choices!)

junk food

4. Baked Goods

  • I have always LOVED cookies, but not with the white flour and tons of refined sugar! I have recently been making cookies and muffins with coconut flour, carrots and stevia to reduce the glycemic load, while increasing the nutrients and vitamins. I love sneaking in my veggies while satisfying my sweet tooth.

junk food


  • Nothing like a good sandwich or wrap to keep you going throughout your day. But with bread comes flour, wheat, sugar, and additives that aren’t the greatest to maintaining good healthy and vitality. I love making my own bread – as you can tell from my previous blog posts (also sneaking in some zucchini along the way) and this new recipe I tried out was so rich and satisfying with quinoa and chia seed!
  • I love wrapping up my veggies with Raw Wraps, made from carrots, flax, sundried tomatoes and organic spices. A nutritious sub for a traditional wrap.
  • I love raw crackers filled with good quality fats like seeds and nuts that  I dip into hummus or organic salsa for a quick vegan snack!

junk food

Staying healthy and maintaining good habits just takes a few health swaps to turn your beloved junk food list into energizing fuel! Using whole and raw ingredients may take a little more prep, but can be just as tasty and satisfying!

Let me know how you created your own #junkfoodhacks and comment below or instagram me some of your creations!!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx







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