Hey my healthy villagers!

As I was thinking of my daily routine and some things that I do to enhance my health, I wanted to share with you some simple tips that can help in creating a daily routine that is health focused and mindful.

Remember, our health isn’t just what you put into or on your body, but also what we surround ourselves with, and how that affects our minds and spirits.

I want us to think of our bodies as temples, that we should respect and honour, even when faced with busy schedules, stress and relationship conflicts.

Here are six of the best morning rituals that you can add to your routine for a sound mind, positive and loving spirit, and healthy body so you can feel ALIVE and AT YOUR BEST!


#1 – Three pages before you get up.

Instead of turning your alarm off and checking your phone first thing, have a journal and a pen by your bed. When you wake up, grab your journal and write 3 pages. Anything and everything that’s on your mind or surrender that time for prayer or meditation. You can also write a list of what you are grateful for, your goals for the day, or how you are feeling … unleash your inner creative spirit!

This gives you time to reflect in order to give you a positive and clear mindset for the rest of your day. It also can bring you closer to God within in order to guide you to make better decisions and being more conscious about your actions throughout the day.

#2 – Stretch and meditate.

The best thing you can do for yourself other than exercise in the morning is stretch and take 5-10 minutes just to breathe. Silent your thoughts and focus on a positive affirmation. Breathe in love and peace, and exhale negative or sad thoughts. I also use a massage roller while stretching to help release back and leg pain (#universitystudentbackproblems).

Also try to do an inverted pose for at least 1 min, as this increases your energy, balances your hormones, and sends positive vibes throughout your whole body, allowing you to radiate love onto others throughout the day!

morning morning

#3 – Start your day with lemon water. 

Since I started learning more about health, I was taught that after your body rests for (hopefully) at least 8 hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated and in need of water to replenish your system (coffee would further dehydrate you).

To ease your body out of sleep, you don’t want to throw solids down to your stomach first thing, but rather, make a routine of filling a 1 litre (give or take) mason jar with (preferably) room temperature water and half a lemon.

This reduces inflammation, aids digestion, cleanse your system, protects your immune system and gives you that boost of energy in the morning … it’s even better if you want to workout before breakfast!

Rebounding is also an amazing way to cleanse your lymphatic system and detox your system … it is one of my favourite exercise to do in the morning!

#4 – BE PRESENT with loved ones.

With such busy schedules, our mornings can be prime time to share breakfast and discuss your day ahead with your loved ones – whether that be your parents, your partner or your kids.

Be present and willing to share in prayer, in what lies ahead, and planning time during the weekend to spend together. Our phone messages and emails can wait until we leave for work or school to be addressed.


My children.

#5 – Fuel your body with food that nourishes and meets your cravings.

Again, I will emphasize how important it is to start your day off right – and that begins with breakfast. It is meant to BREAK the FAST – as I usually do intermittent after I stop eating at around 6 pm the day before to allow my system to rest and restore.

To kick start your day, especially if you exercise after some lemon water and a probiotic, you will need to refuel. I suggest a green smoothie, an omelette, or a hearty breakfast cereal filled with seeds and protein like this one – to allow you to be at your best when starting your day.


Lunch sounds good to me.

#6 – Let your day begin and end with a restful sleep. 

Not only is the quantity of sleep important but the  QUALITY is vital to your success! That means no electronics 2 hours before bed (read instead, talk with family, do homework – the blue light from electronics can disrupt our sleeping patterns), try to limit the night snacks and caffeine as we power down, and sleep in a dark space.

Whether you are a night owl or a early riser, listen to what works for you and your creative energy and plan your sleeping schedule accordingly. Check out my article on your sleep chronotype for your best night ever!

Just remember, if you eat beauty, you will RADIATE beauty, and with the right mindset and spirit set early in the morning – NOTHING can stop you!! With adequate and consistent sleeping patterns, our mornings can set us up to reach all our goals and give us a optimistic perspective to each amazing day given to us!

Start your day right and you will surprise yourself with what you can do.

I hope you consider implementing a few of these tips as I know they have made a world of difference in my own health journey!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx





  1. great post jill – i always love starting my morning (just before i head out for my run) with a large glass of water, and now i’ll be looking to add a half-lemon to it as well!

    happy new year!

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