Hey amigos!

Do you have a heart that loves to serve others?
Are you doing a job that you love so much that you would work for free?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to realize our value and to attach a price tag to the service we provide to others, simply because we either love doing it or we don’t feel qualified enough. We have thoughts like “there are probably a hundred other people doing the same thing … so what makes me different?” This can be harder for women, who generally receive less than men in terms of salary and tend to not be given high positions in companies … which can make us feel that we are never doing enough or being enough.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are enough … even more than enough and that the good you are doing in the world is actually worth a lot! We need to take back our power and value ourselves for all that we are worth!
It starts with self respect and self love … towards all that you are and all that you have the power to be. 

We need to dig in deep and empower ourselves in the words we say to ourselves, and how we are reacting to situations around us. Are we passive or assertive? Are we standing up for ourselves and all that we can become … or are we being taken advantage of?

I grew up serving in my church and was always a volunteer doing something … whether it was watching kids, worshipping on stage or helping in the kitchen and bringing healthy snacks on Sundays. When I entered university, I was up to my knees in volunteer work, including being in a Vice-President role that felt like another part-time job on top of the one I already had AND being a full time student.

Sometimes we need to have our volunteer experiences to grow and evolve in our skills and abilities. I’m not saying that volunteer work needs to stop when you discover your value and purpose, but I am suggesting that there is a point where being a volunteer can leave you feeling exhausted, unappreciated and unsupported.

We need to recognize this breaking point but also make volunteering and serving a part of our daily lives in order to find our voice, our passion and our power. 

I volunteered for a while and played the harp at special events at my church and retirement homes until I felt comfortable enough to start playing at weddings, yoga classes and at bigger events. Now, with more experience and skill, I set the price for my services … and that has been both a humbling and exciting experience and makes me feel even more grateful and appreciated when I get to play for others!

Soooo …. How do you know when it’s time to start valuing yourself? How can you ignite your unique, assertive and passionate fire?
Here are a few tips to awaken yourself to the power and value within: 

  1. Your time and energy are expended to the max.

If you feel resentful and are spreading yourself too thin … chances are that you are. Claim your power and be assertive in setting prices for your services outside of volunteering. When it isn’t an act from your heart, it is no longer volunteering or serving. Make your work rewarding and feel satisfied at the end of a busy day in order to live out your best self.

One of the weddings that I played at.
  1. Your skills are up to par with professionals.

Take notice of your skills and how you have evolved along the way. Are you no longer at an intermediate level? Do you feel able to teach and inspire others with the knowledge you have accumulated? Be honest with yourself in your unique skills and understand your niche in your field. 

  1. Others come to you for expertise.

Do others come to you with questions related to your hobby? Do they ask for advice or guidance about a certain topic that you know a little too much about? Start to listen to the feedback from others and what they tell you. They may be the ones showing you your next career in your life that you are passionate about and that makes you come alive!

Graduated … I must have learned something!
  1. You are certified and have experience [more importantly].

Did you take an online course? Or a weekend immersive workshop to get certified in something? That’s the first step to attaining the knowledge you need to shine. When you start to volunteer and get experience, that’s when you can do your trial and error runs, and learn what works and what doesn’t, which can add so much value to you!

Yes to puppy kisses all day long.
  1. Learn to say no, and learn to say yes.

Valuing yourself starts with tuning in to what you want and what you don’t. When others ask too much from you … learn when to say no. However, when opportunities come your way don’t be afraid to say YES to the right ones and be grateful that others are taking notice of your value! Listen to your intuition … it will guide you to value and purpose!

So take back your power in situations when you feel used and when your value is not being recognized. We have to be kind to ourselves before we can be kind to others … and it starts with being honest about our situation, our resources and our knowledge.

Peace & Love,
Jill – your veggie villager xx
Please comment below about how you have gained back your power and valued your beauty and light within!





  1. Such great tips! We need to remember to consecrate our time rock the service of others. I loved that you said self-respect is a major step towards being charitable.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      You must fill yourself in order to give!! Always! Thanks love! Xx

  2. It’s crazy how you discribed me in this article. I love my job but anytime someone comes to me to help them execute a project I tend to give them an unbelievable discount or even do it for free. Not because I am incompetent but something within me keeps making me feel they can’t afford my price. I don’t know! Can you help me with an advise? However this post just tregared something within me I think is time to give myself some value and place a price tag on it.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m so glad I could speak some truth into you! Valuing yourself always needs to start with looking within and asking questions like – why do I not value what I do? Is it from my childhood or past relationships that influence my self-image? Did I always feel like what I did was was never enough? Take some time to journal and let it out … no matter how ugly it is!! Express yourself. Find your voice. You need to be able to approve of yourself and not let others give you the acceptance you are desperately looking for from yourself. You need to put a price on your services in order to feel your best and valued at the end of the day! Xx Hope I helped! If you have any other questions – let me know!! Xx

  3. A great post with a good reminder for respecting oneself! Love it when you say, “It starts with self respect and self love … towards all that you are and all that you have the power to be. “

  4. Thanks for this message, I love the way you think. Wish more people shared your perspective.

  5. I love that John Green quote! Many good tips you’ve shared in this post. Thank you for the information!

    • jilllacasse Reply

      I hope you can find your inner truth and when something doesn’t resonate with you and your truth, say no. Learning to please yourself in some situations rather than others can keep your energy high and your stress low! Thanks for the input! Xx

  6. I loved your post. Self-love is very important. The point where you said, “Learn to say no, and learn to say yes”. I was confused but then when I dive into that I realized the deep meaning of the sentence.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Yes you definitely need to define your boundaries and learn where your heart is guiding you! Thanks for the read! 🙂

  7. Nnniiicceeeeee…..a few years ago, when I was starting out in the line of non-profit, I found a very hard time saying no but as time went by, I felt it taking a toll on me and that’s when I decided to re-align my ways.

    5 years now, I do fully know my worth, out of my capabilities and self-knowledge.

    I found my voice.

    Thanks sweetie, for sharing. A big hug and hi 5 to that.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      So excited that you could relate! Love to hear about the amazing work everyone is doing in the world! Keep doing you! Xx

  8. Angela Hoyos Reply

    Thank you for the reminder. I have family and friends who often ask for my support with the expectation that my services are free – it’s taken me some time but I am now very firm with being vocal of my price. If they are willing to support complete stranger how can they not want to support someone they claim to love, so no I don’t think it’s in poor taste to charge those in your life for your services.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thanks for sharing! Yes setting boundaries can be the healthiest thing you do for yourself! Xx

  9. Woow. The way you’ve written this article is so amazing. Well described and all them are so easy to understand. Thanx for sharing…

  10. This is awesome, and so true. When we serve others, and God, with no expected return, we tend to gain 10x more abundance. Love this post, and you seem like a truly incredible person!

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Aww thank you so much for the kind words!! Of course – all the love comes back!! 😀 xx

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