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Well, to be blunt – it’s FREEZING outside(!!!) and no one wants to move, let alone, leave the house when you have a highly likely chance of having numb fingers, cheeks, and toes after 2 minutes of braving the cold. Buuutttt …. it is a New Year and that means new goals and new ambition – usually including being a more healthy, active you. So how do we stay on track when the weather seems to be our biggest barrier?

I know for me, I have made a routine of walking my dogs everyday in the morning or after school, no matter what the weather is looking like (I have a jacket that is a literal parka!). However, there are many other ways I love to get my body moving and stay warm during subarctic temperatures!

I have also mentioned previously that I love my exercise to be fun, and find that the gym isn’t too motivating when it’s warm, let alone, when I have to drive there when there is ice on the road.

Here are a few of my favourite places to go and things to do when it’s cold and we don’t want snowflakes flying in our eyes:

1. Home Videos

What better way to exercise when you don’t want to leave the house? When you have your own personal trainer through the click of a button, it makes exercising that much easier! I love Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno, and really any of her high intensity circuits make for a great workout! My mom also enjoys Leslie Sansone’s videos, the easiest way to walk a mile! She also has Valerie Bertinelli’s video that focuses on strength and is a great way to maintain muscle mass.

Some of our favourites.

2. Windsor Rock Gym: My new found love!! I recently watched a documentary called Valley Uprising that inspired me to rockclimb! This type of rockclimbing is bouldering … basically it’s you, the chalk on your hands, and your shoes to suspend you on a difficult route to the top of a rock wall! I absolutely love the atmosphere of Windsor Rock Gym … an encouraging and inspiring space to achieve full body strength and feel accomplished when you reach the top!

3. Breathe/YOGA!

My parents just graced me with a 3 month unlimited membership to Breathe – a yoga and pilates studio. I have found my favourite yoga teachers that teach a variety of different vinyasa classes. They have such a variety of classes, and at convenient times. I absolutely love yoga, as I have a space to focus on my body, mind and spirit. If you like some adventure, they also have aerial yoga … one of my favourites!

Just hanging out, pun intended. 

4. Boxing

I was introduced to boxing recently, and Breathe has a kickboxing class as well as Border City Boxing has open night classes throughout the week to attend. This is a great way to build your cardio and strength! Read why boxing is the new exercise to learn self-defence and empower you!

5. Springz/Rebounding

I love plyometric activities, and have found that having a mini trampoline, a rebounder, to be so beneficial for my health, helping balance my hormones and work my lymphatic system!

6. Bootcamp

If you love high-intensity exercises, Danielle has a great variety of bootcamp classes through her AXFIT program, available at the WFCU centre. She also has an awesome Youtube channel that has quick and easy exercises that you can do at home if you are snowed in!! She is so motivating and inspiring, especially since she is staying active with twins on the way!

So there are just some ideas to get you motivated to have fun and get active! I challenge you to try something new, get out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the benefits of feeling healthy and happy!

And if you are feeling really adventurous …. make a trip to Ojibway …. 😉 [Dad was really excited and videotaped it sideways haha]


Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx





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