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Now that all the craziness has settled and I have officially FINISHED my undergraduate degree, it’s time to walk into a new phase of my life. A phase of uncertainty, a phase that involves me making up the rules and routines, and for me deciding where my lifelong learning journey will take me.

I feel a calling to be a nomad, and to travel and learn from other cultures in the hopes of finding answers on my purpose path. But with this calling, I must get out of my comfort zone and my head. I booked a one-way ticket to Peru last night and it was both LIBERATING and TERRIFYING.

I can’t wait to take my yoga teacher training in Peru for a month, and what an amazing month it will be.

But then what?

I could get caught up in my fear of the unknown, the insecurity of being in a foreign country, OR I could trust in the journey and in my intuition and guidance by God.

Am I being brave or courageous?

Bravery is the absence of fear … of throwing yourself into situations and not having an ounce of apprehension.

Courage has the presence of fear, but it is being able to move past the fear and still throwing yourself into a situation on mere trust and adrenaline.

I feel I am in tune with my path and am drawn to Peru out of the new learning opportunities about spirituality and healing that it will bring, as well as the people and connections I will discover along the way.

I also know that I want to continue my exploration, and discover how to help and heal others … and feel that yoga and Ayurveda will definitely play a role in that.

So how did I build up my courage? How did I go from being a ball of nerves to a calm, and trusting person who has some direction but has learned to go with the flow?

Here are some of my tips on how to build up your courage in new situations to get out of your head and into your heart:

  1. Reflect on your past to move forward to your future.

Learning to deal with your past takes a whole lot of courage but can give you insight into what fears you have and how they are driving your current behaviours. Do you have a fear of losing someone? Why? Your fears can reveal your hopes and dreams. You fear loss because you crave connection. Tap into your fears and past beliefs, in order to understand your hopes and dreams for your future.

  1. Be proactive, not reactive.

Recognize your feelings when they arise and identify them. Being self-aware in understanding that you feel upset, and learning to stop and breathe before you speak. Why are you upset? What is the root cause of that feeling and how should you move forward in addressing the feeling? I bet not exploding on your loved one or becoming impulsive in your behaviour is going to do the trick.

  1. Live out your purpose … even if change is required.

Truly understand what your gifts are and why you were put on this earth. What makes you feel alive? What could you do for hours (being in your flow state) that you are good at? Is it public speaking? Counselling others? Making calculations? How are you contributing to the world now and how does that align with your purpose and gifts? If it doesn’t … make the change required. You will be happier and feel more fulfilled … we were given one life … let’s live out our truth and find joy, purpose and peace in each breath and day given to us.

4. Prayer and meditation can give you superpowers.

Being aligned with the universe and God’s plans for us can be super powerful in allowing the right opportunities to come into our lives at just the right times. Being mindful of God throughout your day through prayer is a great way to stay connected with power and energy. Meditating on compassion, abundance, truth and seeking out goodness and truth is a way to feel empowered and give you the courage to make decisions without fear and anxiety that are intentional and God-filled.

  1. Rest in the unknown and learn to embrace it.

Most of us fear the unknown … especially death. But we can also learn to embrace and marvel at the plans God has for us. Being reassured that there are plans that we just can’t see, and that we take a windy and uncertain road to reveal them, is an exciting and encouraging idea! We can have a positive and opened heart and attitude towards the future, instead of viewing it as something scary, and embrace whatever comes our way. We can step into opportunities and situations with courage knowing and trusting that God’s got this.

So I encourage you to build up your courage through deepening your spiritual practices, reflecting on how you react to your emotions, and having an open and positive mindset when change is coming your way.

I can’t wait to grow and see what Peru has in store for me … and whatever comes next will be both beautiful and serendipitous.

Jill – your veggie villager xx

Comment below and let me know how you are stepping into courage and out of fear in this season of your life!!

Hey guys!!

I have been continuing my summer of good reads and quiet days and have had time to read from one of my favourite authors whose life I am inspired by, Dan Buettner. I have read about the Blue Zones and how he traveled from place to place exploring and researching in the most amazing centenarian-filled places in the world and was interested in learning more about his research on the happiest places in the world.

I stumbled upon his book Thrive, which talks about the happiest countries in the world. I was inspired by the people of the top happiest countries like Denmark, Mexico, Denmark, California and Singapore, who all shared commonalities that boost their happiness in their daily lives.

Do you want to boost your happiness?

Well, here is my happiness list to promote long-term health in every aspect of your life so you can be one of the happiest people on earth!

1. Community

  • Limit your shopping hours. Free up your time and resources for more intrinsic activities.
  • Get together. Hang out in community at parks, public gardens and city centres with your neighbours and friends.
  • Create a walkable environment. Try some active transportation and try walking to everything that is close by.
  • Surround yourself with your equals. Quiet neighbours that are of the same status economically will make you want less and feel closer to those around you.
happiest places
Have a potluck in a local park with like minded people.

2. Workplace

  • Avoid long commutes and hours. Limit the hours you work (in Denmark its 35 hours a week). Allow yourself more time with family or indulging in your favourite hobbies and interests and free yourself from a workaholic mentality.
  • Use your vacation time.  It is essential for renewal and rejuvenation of your soul! (In Denmark, they have six weeks of vacation).
  • Post-work socializing. This should be the norm with your co-workers. Find a boss that you can trust, is approachable and that cares about you and your well-being. Going to a spin class with my coworkers was a great way to get in shape and bond while pushing ourselves!
happiest places
We bond over pumpkin loaves.

 3. Social

  • Positivity. Fill your life with positive people who are interested in similar things.
  • Create a moai. A moai is a community of mutually committed friends that meet regularly and share life together.
  • Connect with your faith. Hang out with those in your church community and share life with those who have similar goals in mind. I love hanging out with young adults at my church.
  • Marry someone like you. Marrying someone similar to you that shares the same values can fulfill us emotionally and spiritually as well and bring happiness into our lives.
Join a drum circle and find your moai.

4. Financial

  • Invest in experiences. Save your money on things that will expand your knowledge and fun factor including vacations, hobbies and education. Buying a stack of books for the summer was the best money I’ve ever spent.
  • Create a giving account. This can allow you to spend your money on others through different charities, your local church, or random acts of kindness. Spreading light and positivity will always put you in a happier state of mind.
Save money for travelling so you can hang out with donkeys and chill by the mediterranean sea.

5. Home

  • Have fewer TV screens. Eliminate cable in your house. Create a flow room that is dedicated to using your creativity, and optimally challenge yourself. Roll out a yoga mat, play some music on a guitar or create space for meditation and relaxation.
  • Grow a garden. Reconnect with nature and get your daily dose of Vitamin D, even if it’s a few herbs planted on a windowsill.
  • Get a dog. Pets bring such joy to our lives, while giving ourselves a daily workout, making us healthier and happier in the long run.
  • Paint your house. Using tranquil yet bright colours can optimize your room and allow you to have great sleep and a peaceful mind. Keep it dark and put all technology away before bed.

 6. Self

  • Personal Success Formula. Make sure you understand yourself through the secret formula: GIFTS + PASSION+ VALUES = CALLING. Are you using your gifts on something you feel passionate about in a supportive and encouraging environment?
  • Develop you. Work on your people skills, find a hobby and volunteer to be the best version of you.
  • Make time. Make time for friends. have a part time job, take some music lessons and play some sports to use your time productivity while pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!
happiest places
Educate yourself to grow yourself.


I challenge you to be the best version of you through creating a healthy environment and changing the way you approach each day. Take a personal inventory and truly understand what brings positivity into your life in order to be the happiest version of you.

happiest places

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx


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