Hey my world changers!

It’s a pretty daunting task when you walk across that stage as your name is called, and are handed your degree. You know what it means ….


No limits.

But also responsibility.

And making decisions ….

Life changing decisions …

Lots of them.

But how do you know if you are making the right one?

Having a degree has its advantages and disadvantages … it’s a great foundation, but usually needs more schooling no matter what route you go.


But decisions are also driven by something,

something deeper.


Your values, your beliefs, your attitude …

Your purpose.


You are called to something bigger …

a mission bigger than yourself,

bigger than your decisions,

bigger than the plans you have for your future.

You are called to live a life of surrender,

a life dedicated to love,

to service,

to be moved by your spirit and mind and heart.


So do you stay or do you go?

With all this freedom …

What type of life do you live?

One that challenges you

Or stunts your growth?

Maybe you are not meant to stay in one place.

You are meant to be nomadic

Spreading love in every community

Every city

Every town …


You are meant to be light

Spreading it everywhere we go

Lighting up the corners of darkness and despair

With your hope and optimism

for changed hearts and transformed minds.

You are meant to cry

And scream

and dance

and feel pain

Because in the suffering

You find your path

You find your voice.


I feel I am being called to something greater … and have been given many opportunities before even finishing school.

I apply,


and surrender to His plans,

not my own.


The future may seem scary,

Because it is unknown

But maybe that is the best part

The unknown

The sitting back and being amazed …


The release of control

The release of the weight on your soul

The release of being perfect

The release of being busy …

Too busy to be still

To be silent

To be engaged

To allow the flow

To move you to conquer

To face your greatest fear

Of showing your heart to the world.


So enjoy your journey

Be present in the process

And let your spirit take you …

To the top of mountains

To the depths of waves

To the edges of cliffs

To the thickest of forests

To mother nature

As she hears your heart

And guides you down the unbeaten path …


The path of light

The path of love

The path of change


To a broken world

We are called to something deeper,

something greater,

something extraordinary



Lean in

And follow.

So should I stay or should I go …

Only God knows …

I am just along for the journey.


Inhale love

Exhale fear.

journey, decisions

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx


How have you listened and followed your purpose and path? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!

Hey villagers!

Today I wanted to spill my daily confession to all those who believe that I am a vegan. It is true that I eat for my best possible health and that for the planet and for the animals around me. I have just decided that I DON’T BELIEVE IN LABELS. I believe that our bodies are complex, beautiful masterpieces that all have metabolically different needs and requests.

Once you eliminate processed foods, refined carbs and sugars from your diet – a holistic lifestyle emerges. But this also comes with its challenges. The health food world is FULL of labels – paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free – and I want to get one thing straight – I am a qualitarian (yes another label, but a MUCH BROADER meaning).

I have journeyed from being an unhealthy vegetarian to a plant-based vegetarian to a vegan to experimenting with raw veganism to low-carb and high-fat to high-carb and low-fat to finally finding what my body thrives on.

When I was a vegan, I knew I was missing something from my diet – as I went to see a naturopath and I had some low nutrient levels – I couldn’t understand how this could be when I was eating so clean but not truly LISTENING. So now, through this long journey I have finally found what works for me through many different attempts at different philosophies and through my exploration of Greece.


Here’s what I learned:

QUALITY is everything.

As long as you are having the best possible and purest sources of something (usually raw, organic or wild) it is worth trying to incorporate into your daily routine and see how your body responds. Yes, I have incorporated eggs back into my daily life as I feel I need extra protein sources to feel satisfied and full of energy. I also think this has to do with your blood type (Eat Right for Your Type) – but I will ONLY eat free-range, organic eggs from a local organic farmer.

These egg shells are all different colours and the yolks are orange – In Greece they still had FEATHERS on them!! I also experimented with organic goat’s cheese because my body was craving good healthy fats and something salty in Greece – could also be the 3 pounds of olives I ate while I was in there (Again RIGHT from the trees!) Always go for organic and ask where your food comes from and what happened to it from the garden to your fork! If your food isn’t pretty and full of life – you won’t be.


BALANCE is a priority.

I have found that balancing my fats, carbs and proteins has been a challenge. I have discovered that by incorporating good healthy fats into each meal – avocado (my GO-to), coconut, cacao and seeds. I have also discovered that I am sensitive to nuts as I don’t properly digest them and avoid them when I can. At this moment, I believe peanuts are okay since they are a legume (organic).

I also have a love for pseudo grains like buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth because they don’t affect me the way that grains do. I always feel sluggish and not as mentally clear when consuming grains. See this article for some great info on grains. I have also come to love incorporating beans and eggs as my main protein sources – along with veggies and superfoods! I have fruit in between my meals to keep my blood sugar stable and to keep my digestion at its optimum.



I have found that I have healed my body through green juices, smoothies and huge salads! Making the majority of your plate filled with greens (Or in my case – a giant salad bowl) you will feel energized and satisfied with all those enzymes and nutrients from the raw goodness! Also, having the majority of your meals raw with provide you with the enzymes you need to be glowing from the INSIDE OUT! Sprouts are POWERHOUSES of nutrition, along with the ever popular kale, spinach, and collard greens (make awesome wraps!)


Incorporate SUPERFOODS (Named so for good reason!) 

Spirulina (DENSE protein and nutrient source), Chlorella (high in B12), Medicinal mushrooms (all with AMAZING properties), Maca (hormone balance and good for athletic performance), Bee pollen (helps allergies) – all with incredible benefits – when you can afford these powerhouses of nutrition you can boost your overall health and heal yourself from the inside out.


My digestion has been healed by the power of fermented foods. Don’t overdo it – but definitely incorporate a daily high-quality probotic supplement, raw sauerkraut, water kefir or kombucha into your diet – or I mean some organic grass fed milk kefir or yogurt could work if you are not sensitive to dairy


My tastebuds have evolved through my journey and I have fallen in love with spices and fresh herbs! I put parsley and lemon on EVERYTHING – along with turmeric and pink Himalayan salt for anti-inflammatory properties and added minerals. But the spice list goes on – find your favourite! I love adding cumin, rosemary, garlic cloves, fresh ginger to salads and making the flavours come even more alive! Herbs like parsley and cilantro remove heavy metals and toxins from your body – so stock up and detoxify!

So … what are you craving? Something salty or sweet? What are you attracted to in the produce aisle? Is your body screaming for some ridiculously red peppers or a bunch of gorgeous purple beets?


Journal through your journey and find what works for you but remember – don’t be scared to fall out of a label if you feel something is missing or you are having a craving (replace those cravings for refined sugar for NATURAL healthy options – dates are my go to!)

We just need to be humble, open minded, and listen to our bodies. Your body knows exactly what you need – don’t let your mind get in the way from reaching your true health potential! Love yourself and find your true beauty inside and out.

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx

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