make your decision


Hey my world changers!

It’s a pretty daunting task when you walk across that stage as your name is called, and are handed your degree. You know what it means ….


No limits.

But also responsibility.

And making decisions ….

Life changing decisions …

Lots of them.

But how do you know if you are making the right one?

Having a degree has its advantages and disadvantages … it’s a great foundation, but usually needs more schooling no matter what route you go.


But decisions are also driven by something,

something deeper.


Your values, your beliefs, your attitude …

Your purpose.


You are called to something bigger …

a mission bigger than yourself,

bigger than your decisions,

bigger than the plans you have for your future.

You are called to live a life of surrender,

a life dedicated to love,

to service,

to be moved by your spirit and mind and heart.


So do you stay or do you go?

With all this freedom …

What type of life do you live?

One that challenges you

Or stunts your growth?

Maybe you are not meant to stay in one place.

You are meant to be nomadic

Spreading love in every community

Every city

Every town …


You are meant to be light

Spreading it everywhere we go

Lighting up the corners of darkness and despair

With your hope and optimism

for changed hearts and transformed minds.

You are meant to cry

And scream

and dance

and feel pain

Because in the suffering

You find your path

You find your voice.


I feel I am being called to something greater … and have been given many opportunities before even finishing school.

I apply,


and surrender to His plans,

not my own.


The future may seem scary,

Because it is unknown

But maybe that is the best part

The unknown

The sitting back and being amazed …


The release of control

The release of the weight on your soul

The release of being perfect

The release of being busy …

Too busy to be still

To be silent

To be engaged

To allow the flow

To move you to conquer

To face your greatest fear

Of showing your heart to the world.


So enjoy your journey

Be present in the process

And let your spirit take you …

To the top of mountains

To the depths of waves

To the edges of cliffs

To the thickest of forests

To mother nature

As she hears your heart

And guides you down the unbeaten path …


The path of light

The path of love

The path of change


To a broken world

We are called to something deeper,

something greater,

something extraordinary



Lean in

And follow.

So should I stay or should I go …

Only God knows …

I am just along for the journey.


Inhale love

Exhale fear.

journey, decisions

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx


How have you listened and followed your purpose and path? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!
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