Hey my villagers!

As I wait in line to checkout at the grocery store, I love to see what the person in front of me is purchasing. Maybe it’s a love for psychology or health, but I find it fascinating what others are eating, and who they are buying for.

A single women could be purchasing some organic veggies for herself, then a bag of Cheetos for the husband, then some jars of baby food for the newborn. I look into my cart and laugh at myself when I see what I’m purchasing, especially when I’m buying for the whole family. People are probably SO confused and probably think I have some sort of split personality when they see organic nuts, fruits and veggies, then lunch meat and waffles for the daycare kids and my father.

I think it is so interesting to understand peoples’ relationships with food, and their self-image {that’s another blog post for another day with social media}. Thinking about how different my family members are in terms of their own health journeys, I decided to come up with 4 different perspectives or munching mindsets that you could probably relate to. You might have one, or two or all if you are constantly changing in your journey!

So here they are:

  1. The Pizza King
  • My father will literally eat everything and anything. We call him the virtual vacuum cleaner, always cleaning up leftovers and scavenging for anything he can find. NO restriction here. LOL
  • He loves his frozen pizza, chicken wings and beer but is always willing to try my latest smoothie and healthy baked good creation! He’s a health wannabe, but always falls back into his Whopper and late night snacking ways.

munching mindsets, pizza king

2. The Bodybuilder

  • My brother Jim has been athletic his whole life, and is naturally awesome at every sport {a little jelly}. Now as an adult, he thrives in the gym, and eats to fuel his muscles. He enjoys lean proteins, veggies and protein shakes with whey protein, and takes supplements to support his muscle recovery. He enjoys his share of alcohol and fried foods, but is all about maintaining a strong mind and body.

munching mindsets, bodybuilder

3. The Dieting Diva

  • My mother will eat anything that promotes weight loss. She has been on every program, including Weight Watchers and Ideal Protein, the two she continues to adhere to. She enjoys her beverages most than food {loves wine and her zero calorie Steaz} and exercises because she knows if she keeps moving, so will the weight off her body. She is a vegetarian, and sticks to her low carb, tofu stir fries and eggs, but will always have her ‘cheat days’ on the weekends.
  • I love that I have influenced her enough that she incorporates healthy superfoods into her life, and is encouraged by my own physical activity and healthy cooking lifestyle to find a balance between health and dieting.

munching mindsets, diet diva

4. The Holistic Hippie

  • If you haven’t figured out by now, I love my share of healthy life giving foods. I love plants that fuel me and make me feel good, including superfoods, veggies, low glycemic fruits and nuts/seeds.
  • I like to have variety and enjoy some salmon, eggs and bone broth from time to time as I don’t believe in labels that restrict and limit. I always want to be open minded enough to listen to my body and respect what changing foods it needs. I am all about the mind, body and soul and spend my time meditating, doing yoga, and mindfully cooking with love.
  • I don’t have ‘cheat days’ because I believe this is a lifestyle, and don’t eat things that aren’t good for my stomach and my soul.

munching mindsets, holistic hippie

So where do you fit?!

Are you hopping from diet to diet trying to change your eating habits? Do you leave no limits but need to figure out what foods are affecting you? {I suggest an elimination diet}. Are you eating processed food? Do you eat to fuel your muscle growth? Or are you looking to find balance in all aspects of your life and want to begin with food?

Maybe by understanding WHY you eat what you eat, you can begin to change your patterns that are not benefitting your health and adapt more positive habits that promote healthier meals and fitness practices.

munching mindsets, healthy dessert
I do have my share of sweets {the healthy version} (beet brownies with homemade hemp milk)

I encourage you to listen to your bodies and examine your current lifestyle in order to become more mindful and incorporate plants into your life. Be kind to yourself and accept where you are on your health journey!!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx


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