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Happy 2018! We all know the importance of setting goals, but you are probably tried of setting goals for the New Year that you will probably keep for about 20 minutes. So here is a refreshing take on setting and actually achieving goals by manifesting the right opportunities in your life.

I’m proud to say that I did accomplish most of my goals for last year; however, some are always an ongoing process.  I was intentional about setting SMART goals that were consistent with my 2017 timeline and the new opportunities in my life!


Recently for 2018, I have been actively searching for a yoga teacher training that not only fit my own criteria, but that was abroad and that I could do a work exchange. I did my research and applied online for many different opportunities and jobs in order to keep my options open and also to have a plan post-graduation.

I was so excited when I found The Kula Collective as their values and passion aligned with mine and they had many different teacher trainings throughout the world that I could work in exchange for. I applied to work as a website manager and sent in my resume and continued to pray about my future year. In the meantime, I also applied for many wilderness therapy jobs but felt a little uneasy by the beginning of December, as I still didn’t know what my future would hold.

I was in yoga class one day and created an intention of surrendering to God and letting Him decide my next steps for my yoga teacher training, as I was exploring other local options. I got home that night and found an email in my mailbox. It was the intern manager from Kula! He said he was reading my resume and was so excited that I went to Hawaiian Sanctuary and did a yoga internship there … as he had also been there and loved his experience! I felt such peace and knew that this was the answer from God that I was searching for.

Even though I won’t be leaving until August and wanted to leave earlier, I believe I need to be patient and prepare myself for my journey ahead. I plan on continuing to travel as I graduate and after my training for 2018. I want to teach and travel for a while to learn from other cultures and meet those in other like-minded communities.

My other quick story about manifesting is achieving my goal of getting my mom’s poetry book published. I typed up a book for her birthday of all her poems, and I knew that it was good enough to get published. So we called a local bookstore that publishes, and they directed us to another publisher that specifically does poetry books. I emailed them and they told us to send them a sample of her poems.

I sent them the sample and within 3-4 days, they said they loved her work and will get back to us in the New Year. The power of being vulnerable and sharing your soul with others can get you places.

I feel I have had such a deep connection to God and His plans for my life and have learned a few things about asking, seeking, knocking …. the door will be WIDE open if you choose to enter!


So, with all this excitement for the New Year and learning how to set your goals using a SMART format, here are my FIVE tips for manifesting your reality:

1. Pray.

Make your list of goals then pray about it. Ask the universe if these goals are in alignment with your passion, your purpose, your skills, your ambitions, and how you can best serve the world. If you don’t know your goals, pray about it and listen in stillness. Spend time listening to your soul and what is on your heart.

If you aren’t happy, what changes and opportunities do you want to see?

How do you want to grow and stretch yourself?

2. Seek. 

Now that you know what is on your heart, do your research. Opportunities aren’t handed to you … you have to work for it. I researched for months looking for the right opportunities that aligned with my values and my vision. Take the time to figure out what your next steps are to making your dreams a reality.

If it’s travelling, research different places, where you can stay, or what work exchanges are available in the area.

If it’s changing your career, what schooling or certifications do you need to be one of the best in your new field? Who can you learn from that has experience in the field?

And if it’s healing from a divorce or chronic illness, who can you reach out for help in order to move forward and change your old habits and ways of thinking?

3. Be patient.

Everything will happen, not in your timing but in God’s timing. I wanted to leave sooner, but I know that God will give me the time I need to prepare myself for travelling through working, taking time to be creative and work on new projects, learning new skills like Spanish in order to communicate while abroad, and allowing me to connect with those I love here before I leave.

Everything is a process. Be patient with healing, with growing, and with new opportunities coming your way

4. Trust.

Trust in all that the universe has to offer and stay connected daily. Trust in the journey and all that is awaiting you, and don’t be afraid. Have no fear and know that God has got this. When you know that all the decision-making and plans aren’t on your shoulders, you feel a sense of peace and joy. Be confident and do you. 

5. Send out positive vibes.

Have a positive and opened attitude to new opportunities and those around you. A little good Karma can’t hurt anyone. Love on others and you will find love comes back to you! Also, when you are confident in yourself and your skills and abilities, others will recognize that and give you the opportunities you need to thrive.

So I challenge you to look within and set goals that challenge you, grow you, and that are also aligned with the universe and its timing. Comment below with your list of goals to hold yourself accountable and to have support along the way! Also, share your manifestation experience … I love to hear God working in others’ lives!

Peace & Love,

Jill – your veggie villager xx





  1. This post gave me such motivation for everything that I want to get done this year! Good luck to all the plans you have 🙂

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thanks so much!! So glad to inspire you to stay moving! 🙂

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Always. Trusting in the journey and love to learn along the way! 🙂 xx

  2. I love your calm, positive vibe-am sharing this on Pinterest on my Health and Wellness board.

    • jilllacasse Reply

      Thanks so much!! Always trying to spread the love! Xx

  3. What’s up mates, its fantastic article regarding cultureand entirely
    explained, keep it up all the time.

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